Come to the edge!

“Come to the edge!
We might fall.
Come to the edge!
It's too high!
And they came
He pushed… And they flew.” by Christopher Logue

I love this poem as is it resonates with me so much. It makes me think of the times throughout my life when I have been scared to do something different to step out of my safe, comfy cosy place. 

There have been occasions when someone has pushed me off the edge. Most of the time, that’s been by a kind hand and I have been very lucky in that the person has had my best interest at their heart and they have encouraged, cajoled, persuaded me that I can do whatever it is I think I can’t.

But other times it’s been the complete opposite and looking back, I can see the occasions when that person has wanted me out of the way for whatever reason. In a weird way did me a huge favour, although at the time I did not see it that way. The experience was so painful but had they not been my catalyst for change, I would have stayed in the same place, doing the same thing, being the same way and not have grown as a person or in experience.

One of the biggest “pushes” was when a new person joined the company I worked in for 7 years and the whole atmosphere changed and not for the better, not for me anyhow. I stayed and as things got progressively worse and as one morning I sat in the car crying as I didn’t want to go in it was then that I decided to be mistress of my own destiny find a new job and leave. My Auntie, who was a huge inspiration, told me “come to the edge”. She was so right, I ended up with the best job ever at Business Link, went as a temp for 2 weeks and stayed for 18 years until the Government closed it down. Here I learnt so much, gained experience and skills, made an amazing network of contacts most of whom have become friends, discovered my passion to help women, got involved in the women’s agenda and met the most inspiring women imaginable plus went on to win 3 awards, which has made a massive difference to my confidence.

Another “push moment”, was when I was a PA and I was helping run a funding project and the woman who was running the project was leaving. The Director in charge put my name forward to take over the role as a Contract Manager. I didn’t think that I could possibly do it as I was an admin person., he was my “come to the edge moment”

These “come to the edge” times have been landmarks and have influenced my life, personality and the career choices I eventually took. Sometimes you make decisions or not make them, either way can have a dramatic affect on where and which direction you find yourself in.

So have a think … who has made you come to the edge either in a negative or positive way. What has made you think differently and has changed what your world may have been!